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About Us

To put it plain and simple, we’re a unique team of product designers and metal fabricators led by Justin Hodges, and we’re extremely passionate about what we do. Like many companies, our goal isn’t to be the one-stop shop for all furniture and home d├ęcor products. We specialize in the categories we focus on. We believe if you live and breath a product line day in and day out, you’ll become the best of the best in your space. In order to get our pieces out the door in perfect condition, we employ the greatest talent our industry has to offer, and we take care of them so that they want to spend years, or hopefully their entire working careers with us. All of our pieces are made by us, therefore proudly made in the USA.

So who is this Justin guy?

Coming to you straight out of my mouth… I’m not a famous product designer, nor have I traveled the world, or did I study architecture and design. I’m just a guy who loves to design furniture and decorative metal products. I’ve been in this business since 1999 and it’s what I eat, sleep and breath. By working with interior designers, architects and commercial/residential home builders all these years, I’ve truly gained an understanding of what they look for in not only design, but in the needed functionality and durability of the products we create. I’m a constant student of trends in our industry, therefore never stuck in “only my way” of thinking. I’ll always be a stickler for high-quality, so our products aren’t always going to be the cheapest, but we’ll guarantee that the workmanship will not be sacrificed. I promise to give each and every piece the attention it deserves. We aim to treat all of our products as if they’re the only thing we’re working on at the moment. After all these years of building custom furniture, we’ve chosen some really great timeless designs to offer you. If you don’t see something that’ll work for you, let us know and we’ll see if we can design something totally custom.

Thanks for giving us a look, and if you give us a chance to build you something, I really think you’ll be pleased.